"Pocket God meets Lemmings!""This is truly a hidden gem like skydodge. Has a nice interface, and simply is one of the best puzzle games I have ever played.""Great puzzle game. Starts out kinda easy, but it gets really good and then gets tougher and tougher. Great for all ages."“Really liked the idea of the game because it reminds me of lemmings (well, sheeple is not really lemmings), but it's a little similar in spirit.”

“Great game! Kudos to the developers!”

Sheeple is a fun, addicting, and challenging game where you help guide the Sheeple through 100 fun and challenging levels levels! You will have to use both your quick mind and reflexes to help guide the Sheeple.

The community has spoken and we have addressed all of the feedback from the Sheeple community. This is your opportunity to join in on all of the fun if you do not already have Sheeple!

Sheeple (“Sheep People”): People unable to think for themselves.

You are the Overseer of the Sheeple and it is your responsibility to help guide the Sheeple out of their various predicaments. You will have many interesting tools at your disposal to help guide the Sheeple through various challenging situations that they would otherwise be hopelessly stuck in forever.

★ 100 fun and challenging levels
★ Achievements (using OpenFeint 2.4)
★Fun and challenging scoring system
★ Automatically saves your progress at the end of each level
★ Ability to go back and play any level that you have previously completed
★ Manage multiple Sheeple and exits simultaneously
★ Integrated tutorial and help system
★ Listen to your iPod music and select tracks from within the game (feature requires OS 3.0)
★ Updates will always be FREE

- Episode 1 (9/18/09): Meet the Sheeple
- Episode 2 (9/28/09): Hurry Up Already!
- Episode 3 (11/11/09): Holy Sheeple!
- Episode 4 (12/4/09): Level Up
- Episode 5 (1/21/10): Stats

Gameplay Video:


Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later.

Upgraded to OpenFeint 2.4
Tomato Factory

Category: Games
Released Jan 21, 2010
Seller: Tomato Factory
© 2009 Tomato Factory
Version: 1.4
7.7 MB