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Are you on or considering an Atkins, South Beach, Zone diet lifestyle? Do you manage type II diabetes. If so, Carb Tracker is for you. Say good-bye to the pocket dictionary and pen/paper and use your device to assist in your Carb Tracking goals.

For less than $2, you can maximize your Low Carb Lifestyle with Carb Tracker – the simplest, most accurate app to track your net carbs, water consumption and weight loss. Carb Tracker has one of the largest food databases on the internet and fits in a small, efficient program on your device without an internet connection. And if for some strange reason you can’t find your food in our app, you can add your own custom food items and then share it with others by submitting it to Healthy U.

Some of Carb Tracker's Amazing Features:

* So simple to use you won't even believe it
* Track your Net Carbs for Atkins and others
* Track your daily water consumption
* Track your weight
* Over 90,000 grocery and restaurant items.
* Customizable database, whatever that means
* No subscription or maintenance fees
* No internet connection required!
* Advertisement free
* Did we mention how simple it is to use
* Owned and operated from USA
* Constant upgrades and support

Carb Tracker Updates

Update: NEW WEBSITE launched August 27- Has video tutorials and blog support

Update: Website launched July 30-

Update: Tutorial videos being added to website August 19

Update: Version 1.02 now available.

Update: Version 1.03 now available.

Update: Version 1.04 submitted to Apple- waiting release.


"I have tried them all...I used Fit Day, LoseIt!, and Calorie Tracker...they are all good programs, but none really worked out for me...I am on Atkins and Carb Tracker is perfect!"

"Carb Tracker is great...I am in the induction phase and I know exactly what I am eating. Thanks for Carb Tracker!"


Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

What's New:

* Fixed food search issue
* Improved speed of food searching
* Updated database
* Other bug fixes to 1.0.4
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