Easily combine your photos with free 3D models from the vast 3D community of over 15,000 models from a growing community of over 124,000 contributors!!

"The most amazing, fluid 3D viewing capability. It’s better than any of the 3D games I’ve seen and definitely provides an amazing benchmark for the future of 3D model viewing on mobile devices."

- Josh Mings,


Key Features:
- 3D model search within the 15,000+ models posted to
- 3D interactive viewer allowing users to pan, zoom and inspect models up close
- 3DVIA Collage allowing iPhone™ users to position 3D models on pictures to email or share with friends
- My 3DVIA allowing existing 3DVIA 3D artists to view their profiles and 3D models
- Comment on 3D models and interact with other 3DVIA users  

About 3DVIA: 3DVIA, the newest brand in the Dassault Systèmes portfolio, delivers lifelike 3D experiences to the world's rapidly expanding digital communities. We have a community of over 124,000 3D artists and enthusiasts from around the world, with a warehoused collection of over 15,000 3D models and steadily growing. Visit us at: to learn and join us for free!

English, French

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (2nd generation). Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

User Interface:
- One-touch 3D manipulators for more precise manipulation,
- Smooth transition between Model Visualization and Photo Collage Mode.

- Fullscreen 3D Display.
- High Definition Image Rendering for Export and Mail.

Photo Collage:
- more realistic compositing: drop shadows, auto lighting correction.
- Elevation and free rotation manipulators.

Social Features:
- Mail your artwork directly from the app.
- 3DVIA users can rate the models.
- Direct access to model provider's web site by clicking on its banner.

iPhone 3GS only:
- larger models are supported (100,000 triangles).
- Hi-Def Image Rendering up to 960 x 1380 pixels.
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3DVIA Mobile
Category: Photography
Released Nov 17, 2009
Seller: Dassault Systemes
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Version: 1.1
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